Our Philosophy

Sustainable viticulture is a vital part of our winery. It is important to continuously optimise all operational sections (outdoor operation, cellar management and marketing) as part of a holistic sustainability analysis.

In outdoor operations, this means the application of pesticides and fertilisers is used on an as-needed basis by having regard to environmental protection criteria. The maxim here is “as much as necessary, as few as possible”. Our purpose is a most feasible near-natural work.

This starts in winter when the vines are cut back to one rather than two branches. Mechanical weed control takes place at the beginning of March. By means of finger weeder and rotary hoe, the weeds are cut and the loosened soil is crushed and distributed evenly. Furthermore, the vineyards are driven over with a cultivator in order to optimally ventilate the soil and to remove the weeds around the vines.

During the summer, the weeds are kept low with a filament trimmer. The yield is regulated by an early defoliation in July by which we achieve by shattering of the grapes coulure. In summer, a tall foliage is crucial to improve the photosynthesis.

The harvest is done entirely by hand with the help of seasonal workers. Using modern techniques, we are able to press the grapes gently. The subsequent fermentation is carried out at a temperature of 16 to 18 °C to ensure a constant breakdown of sugar.

Over the winter, the wines mature in stainless steel or barrique barrels and are bottled on the beginning of the following year. Here we emphasise resource-saving management.

Our Vineyards

The domaine SCHLINK is located along the Luxembourgish Moselle.
The picturesque wine village of Machtum is 3 km away from Grevenmacher.

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Our History

The family winery was founded in 1911

The estate kept growing and improving through the acquisition of vineyards, the construction of a new cellar and the introduction of new wine processing techniques.
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