Wäistuff Deisermill

The modern architecture of our wine bar fits harmoniously into the Moselle valley between Grevenmacher and Machtum. Here you can discover and enjoy our entire product range. The newly designed wooden terrace invites you to a cozy get-together accompanied with a glass of wine or Crémant.

The actual wine cellar, serving as a Crémant store, is a bold looking, closed structure with a facade cladding made of coarsely structured exposed concrete.

The wine tavern is open along its entire length by means of a continuous window front, thus providing a view of the Moselle and the village of Machtum. Its large, inclined roof overhang made of smooth exposed concrete has an inviting effect. The beige-gray color of the wine cellar’s facade is continued in the flooring of the wine bar. It reflects the geological nature of this part of the Moselle valley (sand-lime brick, shell limestone), whilst promoting the integration of the buildings into the landscape.

Modern technology is used to control temperature and humidity of the wine cellar and enhances the indoor climate in the wine bar.



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